Emotionally Unavailable

Ever try to get close to someone who doesn’t seem to want anyone get close to them? Maybe it’s a co-worker, a new friend, loved one or perhaps, it is you who have put walls up around you. Some of us have built a wall so high that it’s actually a castle, with a moat and we live in the tower, for protection. Walls are built so that it keeps people at an arm’s length so they don’t really get to know you. When we build a wall, we think that we are protecting our heart from getting hurt. And what we are really doing is pushing others away by not letting them in to know the real us. Because we know that once they get to know us, they won’t really like us. By the way, that is completely false. Just the opposite reigns true.

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Sha Sparks

Have you ever had a temper tantrum? I feel like having one every time I’m in Wal-mart. But that’s a different story for another time. Seriously, have you ever got so mad and wanted to just blow up? Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t and instead you just held in all those words of bitterness that you could have easily verbally vomited. We all have ways to deal and handle our anger. And this is where the real issue lies. The issue is not WHAT we are angry at, the issue is HOW we deal with that anger.

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