If any questions you may have are unanswered here, please be sure to contact us directly.

Why should I hire you as a coach?

With all the years of real life experience that I have as a hairstylist, people have sought out my advice. From my own turbulent childhood experience, I have researched, analyzed and practiced this way of healing and communicating in my own relationships.

Why should I invest in myself?

Investing in coaching for yourself  is really a question of “if not now, then when?” Coaching helps you to be the best version of yourself while living life to your fullest potential. We all can use coaches from time to time. Even I have one. Getting coaching is an investment into the relationships with your loved ones, co workers and the most important one, the relationship with yourself. It is  like having your own personal cheerleader in your corner.

What if I have an event coming up with my job that I need extra coaching on about talking with my co-workers?

 There is an email that you can email me directly and have access to me. However, we will try to plan accordingly in your coaching sessions so you are prepared when those situations arise. And I understand that emergencies happen, so I will also do my very best to get back to you in a timely manner.

What if I decide that this coaching is not for me? Is there a money back guarantee?

 In the first 30 days of coaching if we find out that we haven’t clicked, then yes you will get a full refund for what has been paid already. Our goal is to first find out if we click in the getting to know one another process before we agree on the terms of one of our coaching programs. And we also understand that emergencies happen so we will take each case into appropriate consideration as well.

What are the techniques used to coach?

 Our goal is to use video conferencing technology to visit with you, get to know you and your vision of your life. We will discuss at length to what stops you from living that life and I’ll give you homework that you will need to work in between calls.

What is the homework and how much time will I have to dedicate to it?

 The homework is designed specifically for you to get a breakthrough on your mindset, your emotional intelligence, your past and your relationships. What you put it is what you get out. The amount of time is up to you. Just know that you are the one paying for this knowledge so you’ll want to dedicate as much time as you to really have great breakthroughs in your life.

What happens if I need to reschedule my call?  

With the overwhelming response of coaching opportunities, there are limited times available. We will try to work with your schedule as much as possible, however, we commit to the coaching appointments that are already made as it is our commitment to help you thrive in your relationships, and rebuild the vision for your life.