The Program

What are your goals? How do you feel about yourself? Where is your mindset? How is your relationship to others? What is your plan? How are you going to use your voice going forward?



  • Module 1: Perception Lab: Bring your whole self to the world

    • Learn the Relationship Framework of how you can rebuild your relationships

    • Learn how to communicate your desires

    • Lay down (remove) your glasses and uncover your true identity/voice

  • Module 2: Relationship Framework: Create deeper and richer connections

    • Learn how to rekindle the romance and flame of your intimate relationship

    • Learn how diffuse challenging situations in respectful ways

    • Establish empathy and positive mindset into your life to to enjoy your relationships to the fullest

    • Learn to articulate your true voice to bring more authenticity, openness and connection into your relationships

  • Module 3: Take Action On Your Vision: How good are you willing to let your life become?

    • Be intentional with your word

    • Stepping out of your comfort zone

    • How willing are you to let your life be transformed?

    • Enhance your confidence through using your voice daily

    • Put into practice, with Sha’s support, your new skills and way of being