Success Stories

Commiunication is power, and Sha's client success stories speak for themselves:


Kelly P.

"I have known Sha since I was going to her for my hair in 1997 and over the years I have come to know this woman as a kind, empathetic, knowledgeable individual and someone I'm proud to call a friend. She has had many life experiences that I could easily relate to and after hearing some of her past it made mine  seem a little less crazy. She is wise beyond her years both in personal experience, and business. I've been able to get some amazing advice in running my business, and in dealing with some narcissistic - abusive relationships as well. She has always made me feel confident in myself even on my worst days. Seeing her overcome her own trials has shown me that anything is possible if I just believe in myself, work hard, and stay true to myself. Listening to her speeches and coaching has also taught me HOW to believe in myself. I am forever grateful to this woman for opening up her heart, sharing her past with true strength, and for giving me the courage to speak my own truth as well. "


Kristine M.

"I always tell my actual counselor that Sha helps me process things in regards to the relationship that I have with other people and the relationship that I have with myself. She reminds me that things happen for a reason,  not to ignore that gut feeling of this isn’t right and to see the red flags in relationships. She has taught me to trust that discernment and to run and not look back when those situations arise. When I followed Sha’s direction and advice, it has always steered me right. And when I don’t follow her advice, I always think that I should just listen to her in the first place. She empowers and inspires me in all areas of life. I’m encouraged to keep going forward by what she is accomplishing.


Cassandra N.

"Sha has helped me in many ways, with friendships, relationships and family. I happen to enter into a physical and mentally abusive relationship when I was about 20 years old, not really aware of how to protect myself or how to get out of it. However I was able to escape physically and mentally from that toxic relationship because of the help from Sha. She was knowledgeable and consistent with me. I will never forget her quote "The longer you stay in this abusive relationship the worse it gets" and she was right!!! After many conversations later with Sha I found myself healing inside and mentally aware of toxic people and how to protect myself. I found many more toxic people, however I was prepared this time how to have boundaries in any relationships."